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Cleanup and Code Enforcement

We know that littering can cause a variety of issues beginning with the environmental impact leading towards the disruption of a community’s good health and quality of lifestyle.  It is important to keep your local community healthy and looking its best for today and future generations. While we remain committed to keeping our community clean, we need your help.

Make sure your trash is secure.
Newspapers, cans, and other lightweight waste materials can be easily picked up by the wind and scattered far away from the correct waste and recycling receptacles. As you visit public places or participate in local events make sure that the garbage you are disposing of is securely placed and will not be spread to other places.

Participate in a community clean-up day.
As a rewarding and often enjoyable experience, the proper disposal of unwanted garbage around our communities will help bring residents and visitors together to make the area a better place to live and visit. A county-wide clean-up will occur as soon as it is deemed safe to do so. 

Educate others.
If you see something, say something! Report all illegal dumping to Clayton County Code Enforcement. Also, use the Clayton County See Click Fix to report issues and concerns. 

All Code Enforcement operations (residential and commercial) have been moved and recognized under the Clayton County Corrections Department. The director of the Clayton County Corrections Department is Warden Dennis Nelson.  The new Code Enforcement Division is under the command of Captain Sean MacDonald.  

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