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2023 End of Session Reports

This recap will provide you information about the legislation signed and vetoed by Governor Kemp. It is very disappointing that he vetoed legislation to help with our mental health crisis.

He vetoed several items that would have made our life easier. Yes he gave us a tax rebate but how far will that take you if you have a medical bill, need to pay your rent, or purchase food on a regular basis. We need for our citizens to be paid a livable wage and have reasonable health care.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals were allowed to have medicaid insurance. Since the COVID restrictions have been lifted the Federal government is unwinding medicaid.

What does that mean for you? You will need to update your information so that your eligibility can be considered. When you receive the letter in the mail, fill it out and return it ASAP.

I have provided a copy of the form on my website for your convenience under "Unwinding Medicaid Insurance Form." Please share with anyone that has to update their information:

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